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The Health and Fitness component of MPG is a fully adaptive training program for fitness enthusiasts. Choose from Rowing, Nordic Walking, Cycling, Running and Swimming to have the most versatile training program. Each program has a balance of cardio and strength training to offer a safe and effective way of improving your health, fitness and general well-being, and you get to choose the sports which you enjoy! This program is for people who want to stay fit and healthy without necessarily needing to prepare for racing. Add to that expert coach interaction, and you have the perfect training solution!

Every workout has Heart Rate and Effort based training zones. You never have to guess how hard or how much to do. You can also monitor your progress by tracking your logged training times and distances, and see these graphically shown on the dashboard of the Mobile App. A useful feature is the ability to change sports as you feel. You may want to train swimming and cycling in the summer, and switch to nordic walking or running in the winter. All of this is possible with the MPG Mobile App.

If Value-for-Money is important to you MPG can offer you uncompromising quality at next to no cost. MPG provides an outcomes-based and scientific evidence-based approach to training prescription. As workouts are logged, the MPG system accumulates information to update the training program automatically. As you log the completed training, your coach can also interact with you each day and make adjustments to your training program as they are required. We are here to support you every step of the way along your fitness journey.

Each Strength Workout is scheduled as a 10 minute Workout of the Day. These video workouts are ideal for you to follow along with and guide you through the exercises using timers and music to indicate exercise and recovery periods. These Workouts become more challenging as you work through the levels, and they cover all aspects of your strength and conditioning. In addition to the Workout of the Day, you get the cardio options you selected in the Settings. You can also get personal feedback, motivation and guidance, every day. The app is versatile and allows you to seamlessly reschedule workouts as you need.


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