What makes this program different from any other training program out there??

A few key attributes make MPG totally unique:

1) Each workout is selected based on the athlete's unique physiological profile. Each workout is unparalleled in terms of individual exercise prescription accuracy, specificity and adaptability. We provide precise pacing, effort and heart rate zones for every interval of every workout. No more "Zone 4" or "Tempo" as your only reference to the intensity or effort of the workout, which is a staple in most coaches arsenal, and is hugely open to interpretation.

2) MPG uses multiple data points to create a performance curve, which is then used to generate all the precise training zones. No other online coaching platform makes use of multiple performance data points to create a complete physiological profile of each athlete. Rather, they use simple and very generalised information such as "What is your 5km, or your marathon time?" and treat every athlete as if they are exactly the same in terms of power and resistance to fatigue. In essence, they assume a straight line of performance for all the athletes, where an individual, variable curve is more accurate and appropriate.

3) A coach might have 30 or 40 workouts in their database, from which to choose from. If they are exceptional, they may have as many as 200. MPG has over 5000 workouts which the system selects from, based on all your individual physiological data.

4) MPG gives you a training program that mirrors your current physiology, whereas other programs "Train you for an event" and predetermine your rate of adaptation, which can never be congruent with your actual, and unique, rate of adaptation. MPG, in effect, trains you far better for your event, because it progresses you according to where you are, not according to where someone thinks you should be. We take the "thumb suck" out of the equation and give you training that your body will cope with, but from which you will adapt maximally from. Doing more than you should causes illness and injury, doing less will result in very little improvement. MPG harnesses this balance perfectly and our results bear testimony to this.

5) MPG offers unparalleled service. Not only are we the very pinnacle of endurance exercise prescription, we are passionate about the well-being of all our athletes

6) MPG offers a money back guarantee. If you don't improve, or you are disappointed with our service, you get your money back. How many coaches/systems out there actually put their money where their mouth is?

7) MPG gives you accurate race pacing guidelines, based on your performance tests. These have proven to be extremely accurate.

8) Progress and real performance is charted and graphed so that you can see whether you are improving and by how much. All of our charts and graphs are completely unique to MPG, and each one is designed in such a way that it tells the athlete what they need to know. They are easy to interpret and most importantly, they are accurate.

How accurately can MPG determine optimal race pacing?

For races of 4 hours or less, the calculations are extremely accurate, because they are physiologically determined from your own real-life performances. When races exceed 4 hours, additional components such as mental fortitude, overall training volume and nutrition play an increasingly important role. The pacing guidelines in the case of Ultramarathon events and Ironman Triathlons, for example, are accurate, provided that all the other components are dealt with adequately.

Do I have to train on my own or can I train in group sessions?

Group workouts can still be very effective by simply meeting at the designated time and place, with each athlete sticking to their respective numbers within the workout.

The camaraderie and accountability are what makes group workouts so appealing, and this can be achieved without having to sacrifice training specificity.

Will MPG give me a generic, cookie cutter type training plan?

No, MPG follows a proven structure and the system selects optimized workouts based on your history and current physiology. If the days we choose for various workouts do not suit you, we can find a way to restructure your training to accommodate your life. Contact with an MPG coach is essential to get the best use out of your training time.

Why is MPG better than conventional coaching?

MPG is better because it has all the benefits of conventional coaching with none of the disadvantages. You still have contact with the coach, and you still get inspiration and motivation as well as relevant information to keep your knowledge base growing. The big difference is that we are able to track you and prescribe optimal efforts and intensities, which is extremely time consuming to do on a manual, athlete to athlete basis. In fact, it would not be feasible for any coach to run a coaching business and to implement the level of scientific precision that MPG does. It would severely limit the number of athletes a coach could work with, and it would make the service exorbitantly expensive. The system, developed over almost a decade, does all the legwork, and the coach can get on with coaching.

Does the MPG system allow for illness and injury?

Yes. If you are injured, ill or simply did not have time to complete your workouts, you will complete your log accordingly and MPG will reduce your next training block in accordance with how much training was missed. Your performance assessments will always keep your prescribed intensity at the perfect level, and your training consistency will determine the rate of increase or decrease in training volume.

I want a marathon program, yet it never asks me what distance race I am training for?

MPG is revolutionary. It trains your body based on where it is, physiologically, at present. A pre-cut program assumes you will adapt as planned and progress according to a predetermined timeline. We know that in reality, human physiology adapts at it's own rate, and we all adapt differently. Some people adapt quickly, yet some develop more slowly. We can never really predict who will fit into which category. MPG takes this into account so that it progresses you at the fastest, yet safest rate, in accordance with your unique physiology, training history and training consistency. When you enter your race into the system, MPG will taper you and allow you recovery time, based on the distance and importance of each race. It will also give you realistic pacing guidelines, based on your test results.

I don’t have access to either a power meter or a watt bike. How well will the system work using a heart rate monitor?

The heart rate zones are accurate, as accurate as any heart rate based program can be. So, if that is all you have, combined with perceived effort, you won't get a better stimulation of all your physiological zones within your context. But, having said that, we can get much more accurate intensities using power and that is what MPG does better than any other training system. So, if you don't want to use power, simply put 100w for the 4 minute and 50w for the 20 minute, and then follow the workouts according to heart rate and perceived effort. We cannot accurately plot or predict performance with only heart rate, so there will be another limitation to going with a purely heart rate based approach. We prefer to plot and show improvements in very quantifiable and tangible parameters. That way, we can ensure that the desired outcome from the training is being measured and achieved each block.


I did not receive an activation link by email. What do I do?

First check your spam folder - the email may have been filtered out. Please add admin@myprogramgenerator.com  to your known senders list. If you don’t find the email in your spam folder, go to the Login page and click “No Activation Link?”. Enter the username and email address you registered with. A new email will be sent to you. If you have forgotten your username, please email us or submit a query on the contact form.


MPG is designed for runners, swimmers, cyclists and triathletes. MPG accurately determines where your fitness is at and then gives you the optimal training program that keeps adapting as you adapt.

It is scientifically accurate, affordable and it will guarantee that you improve your performance as fast and as safe as possible. It is without doubt the best value for money coaching solution available, anywhere in the World.

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