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People starting off or those looking to maintain and improve their general fitness Get Started
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Nordic Walking
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Who is this best for?
Coaches who want to streamline the communication to their clients and optimize the training of their athletes
  • Every workout is precise, based on YOU
  • Workouts can be logged automatically by downloading to your device
  • Coaches can easily give feedback to every workout, every day

No, We only take payment details if you choose to subscribe, and this is done through a 3rd party. (We don't store credit card details).

Yes, there is no minimum membership period. If you choose to cancel, your membership will still be active until your next payment would be due.

No. Although the system generates training programs based on your racing, performance and training data, there is no feedback or expert advice included in the cost of the platform use. Some athletes prefer to coach themselves while others prefer the objective feedback and experience of a coach. Coach fees are in addition to platform fees and are payable directly to your coach. When you subscribe you can choose to self coached, or choose a coach from the list.

The coach platform is free to coaches, but can only be useful when connected to athlete accounts, for which we charge. The coach cannot use MPG to create training programs for athletes outside of the MPG system.

Although you will be able to log in, your access to the training platform will end unless you choose to subscribe.
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5 stars

“MPG is intelligent and fine tuned training that takes the guess work out the equation. It has helped me in planning race strategy and by following the MPG program every goal time was achieved down to the last minute without any drama or unhappiness”

Andrew, Top Ironman age grouper
Scientific Training Made Simple
Athlete Account:

Athletes can control their own program structure, volume and athlete level. MPG will calculate all your physiological parameters and provide a highly specific program in accordance with your chosen settings, based on your performance and training history. *Additional coaching fees apply to athletes who choose a coached option.

Coach Account

Coaches control all of the program settings that will allow MPG to create the optimal training program for each coached athlete. Coaches have a built in feedback mechanism that allows personal feedback to every athlete, every day. Coach more athletes, much more effectively, making use of the cutting edge MPG science. **Unlimited number of athletes.

MPG is designed for runners, swimmers, cyclists and triathletes. MPG accurately determines where your fitness is at and then gives you the optimal training program that keeps adapting as you adapt.

It is scientifically accurate, affordable and it will guarantee that you improve your performance as fast and as safe as possible. It is without doubt the best value for money coaching solution available, anywhere in the World.

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