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Single sport and Multi-sport Programs

Single sport
Your training program,which adapts and changes with you to always be optimal for you
Accurate race pacing for each race, based on your critical pace
Strength training program to supplement your primary sport
Access to information through the forum - all your questions will be answered
Performance will be tracked and monitored with each training cycle
Access to our exclusive Facebook group where you can be part of a community of athletes
Two posts per week in the coach-athlete community chat group
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Single sport
ALL that is in Silver package
PLUS- Personalised analysis of your training. This will include identifying strengths and weaknesses in your physiological profile, and will result in your coach making minor adjustments to the way certain workouts are completed.
Full personalized customizations
Unlimited coach communication and interaction through email, the chat group or your preferred communication method
Unlimited posts in the coach-athlete community chat group
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Terms and Conditions

• We offer discounted rates for yearly subscriptions, equivalent to two free months.

• We have a money back guarantee, so if an athlete is unhappy with our service, we will refund them for that month, provided there is a valid reason for the cancellation.

• All payments are handled by Third Party payment portals, and no payment details are stored on our servers.

• There are no fees for cancelling a recurring subscription, which can be done at any time.

• There are no fees for downgrading from a higher package to a lower one.

• On higher packages, programs can be tailored to suit the needs of the athlete. However, if an athlete has availed of a customization and later chooses to downgrade to a Bronze package, their program will be changed back to the default.


MPG is designed for runners, swimmers, cyclists and triathletes. MPG accurately determines where your fitness is at and then gives you the optimal training program that keeps adapting as you adapt.

It is scientifically accurate, affordable and it will guarantee that you improve your performance as fast and as safe as possible. It is without doubt the best value for money coaching solution available, anywhere in the World.

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