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Program Details & PDF
In the “My Program” tile of the dashboard you will gain access to your training program. This will give you the detail of every training session that is planned. You will see details such as workout and interval duration with intensity guidelines in the form of heart rate, speed, pace, power and effort. You can print out the program by clicking the PDF icon.

Coach Comments
If you have a coach, they can make comments to logged workouts as well as upcoming workouts. These can be viewed by clicking the comments button.

Program Settings
Clicking the setting button will bring you to the page where you can edit your settings. These settings are divided into two tabs:

Profile Settings
Here you can edit settings such as your Program type (Note that if you wish to subscribe to a program with a different price, you will have to cancel your current subscription and re-subscribe to the different subscription option), Athlete level, Calendar first day, Program Start day, Strength level. Here you can also choose whether or not you wish to be included in the Leaderboard. You can edit your weight, and edit setting for cycling power measurement and also the Cycling Volume load. The cycling volume load is an adjustment that can be made to allow long weekend workouts, but shorter week-day workouts for the time constrained. The more intense workouts will be calibrated accordingly.

Block Settings
A training block is a period of training between 4 and 6 weeks long where a specific focus can be planned into the training. Here you can change the volume of your long workouts, which will change the distances of your other workouts accordingly. Also, you can move the start of your block, so that the assessment week or taper weeks line up with the general program structure.

Training Structure
The Training Structure determines which workout goes on which day of your training program. Clicking on the “Training Structures” button will give you the option of changing your weekly training structure. You can choose from the list of pre-defined training structures, or you can click on the “Custom Structures” button to create your own personal training structure.

If you create a custom training structure, by choosing the workout type for each discipline, on each day, MPG will populate those with workouts created from your performance data and training history.

On the “Calendar” tile, you will find your calendar with all your upcoming workouts over the current training block. You can choose the specific type of calendar by clicking the respective buttons:

Upcoming Training
If you mouse over a particular workout on a particular day you will be able to see the details for that workout. Clicking the arrow buttons at the top right of the calendar allows you to scroll to past or future months.

If you click the “Completed” button, you will see a colour coded history of your completed training. Grey is training yet to be logged. This allows you to scroll back and have a visual snapshot of what your consistency was like in the past.

Weekly Volume
The weekly volume button gives you a summary of your planned training time for each day, and a weekly total in the upcoming training block. This allows you to plan your time accordingly, and you can then adjust the volume if the planned training is too much or too little.

Manual Workout logging
Workouts can be logged without having to download your training device. Click on the “Workout Logging” tile and complete the workout log according to what you have completed. MPG will calculate the future training block volumes, based on what you have completed.

“Use Strava” Button
If you sync your training device to Strava (you can open a free account), clicking the “Use Strava” button in the workout logging will enable workout logging by clicking the “connect to Strava” button. Data downloaded in accordance with the training program will be logged to your MPG workout log, and your program will be automatically updated in the future.

“Use Polar” Button
If you sync your Polar training device to Polar Flow (you can open a free account), clicking the “Use Polar” button in the workout logging will be able you to register a user on Polar flow and will then be connected to MPG. This will enable automated workout logging. Data downloaded from your training device to Polar will be automatically logged to your MPG workout log, and your program will be automatically updated in the future.

“Recent” Button
The recent button shows you your latest logged workouts, where you can choose to un-log a workout if need be. Un-logged workouts will then reappear in your workout logging.

“History” Button
The history button shows you your entire workout history. You can filter results by workout type, so that workout progress can be assessed. For example, you can see the logged “long run” workouts and see how your volume and pacing have changed over the course of time.

Training Totals for the current training block
The “Totals” button shows you your accumulated training volumes for the current training block.

Unscheduled Workouts
If you would like to log a workout which was not on the program, you can add it by creating an unscheduled workout log. This logged workout will appear in your history.

Entering performance assessment details
To enter your performance assessment results, click on the “Performance Assessments” tile on the dashboard and enter your performance test results. Here you can also log the test and add comments to your logbook or for your coach to see, if you have a coach who uses MPG. These results will be used to calibrate the intensity of all your workouts in your upcoming training block.

Performance Test Protocol
For a description of the performance assessment, you can click on the tab. Here you will find descriptions of the recommended protocol for each performance test.

Performance History
All your previous performance assessment results can be viewed by clicking the tab. These results can also be viewed graphically in the “Charts” section.

In the “Charts” tile you will find various graphic representations of your training and performance history. Choose the chart you would like to view, and then choose your date range, or click one of the pre-defined time frame buttons. Here you will be able to see what effect your training consistency and volume had on your performance.


MPG is designed for runners, swimmers, cyclists and triathletes. MPG accurately determines where your fitness is at and then gives you the optimal training program that keeps adapting as you adapt.

It is scientifically accurate, affordable and it will guarantee that you improve your performance as fast and as safe as possible. It is without doubt the best value for money coaching solution available, anywhere in the World.

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