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Pam Bohrer

From 2.8w/kg to 3.2w/kg in 2 months!

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I’ve been doing a fair amount of training (or so I think) for 3 years and kept getting the same result every year at 94.7... Just over 3 hours (3.05, 3.01, 3.08). I always spin several times a week and I ride almost every Saturday and Sunday, both road and MTB.My fitness has always been constant, with good endurance. I’ve done 7 road rides from Joburg to Durban, Epic, Sani2C, Half IronMan and a few other ultra events.

This year I decided I really need to take it up a notch. I don’t train more hours than before, just in a more scientific and targeted way. In a way that is personalized and intended to maximize the improvement by taking into account where I really am at the moment.It really seems to be a perfect balance between intense sessions and recovery and (yes!) rest. The improvement so far has been phenomenal, and I just know that breaking 3 hours at 94.7 will be too easy a goal for me in a few months’ time.

I’m so excited to see how far this body can take me. I’ve never been so motivated in my training, because now I have certainty and I can measure the results with such accuracy. I feel like before I was investing in the stock exchange but I was only able to see my bank statement a few times a year, when there was an important race. Now I check and measure myself weekly and test monthly, in absolute terms, comparing apples with apples, and I can see continuous, incremental improvement.

Thank you MPG!!!


Wolfi Maralik

Every race I have done since I have been with MPG has been a PB for me!

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Been with MPG from the start and must say it works like a charm as it workes out the program to what your level of training needs to be. It can be used for any race distance you training for. Also has a very good bunch of coaches that respond to any questions you may have. They follow you every step of the way and make sure you reach your goals.

elite triathlon training

Kim Heger

(Elite Age Grouper & Coach)

There is no ceiling to my performance improvement

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My journey with MPG has been amazing, lost 12kg, finished my first Ironman in 11h:38m and then qualified for 70.3 World Champs in Austria after finishing 6th overall at 70.3 SA.

Every month my times are getting better when I do the tests and it seems there is no ceiling to my performance improvement!

optimised training program

Steven Greenspan

Lost 40kg and completed his first Ironman in 2016

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The scientific and personalised MPG program has optimised each and every workout I do, which has resulted in a substantial increase in my race performance


Annie Kurzewski

You will be chasing YOUR best

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I think the biggest difference is that MPG is personalised to the individual. You will always be training at YOUR optimal. You will be trying to better YOUR numbers. You will be chasing YOUR best. Although we train in groups, we never have the same set at the same numbers as another person, because no one athlete is the same.

MPG is designed for runners, swimmers, cyclists and triathletes. MPG accurately determines where your fitness is at and then gives you the optimal training program that keeps adapting as you adapt.

It is scientifically accurate, affordable and it will guarantee that you improve your performance as fast and as safe as possible. It is without doubt the best value for money coaching solution available, anywhere in the World.

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