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MPG Expert Coaching will give you the edge. You will have full access to the full functionality of MPG, but with professional coaching and guidance to go with it. We have built the MPG app to enable the most effective interaction between athlete and coach. Not only will you get the optimized training stress through the advanced MPG performance algorithms, your plan can be tailored around your life, your work and family.

How will being coached makes a difference?
1) Your training program will be planned in consultation with your coach, ensuring that your training days suit your lifestyle.
2) Your coach will guide you as to how to structure your racing season. Your coach will help you decide which races are key races and which should be considered as training events.
3) Your coach will analyse your training graphs and stats EVERY DAY and give you valuable feedback.
4) Unlimited communication will give you the freedom to ask any question at any time.

Every workout is optimized to you using your data and training history. You never have to guess how hard or how much to do, every training session comes with complete pacing, speed, power, duration and heart rate variables. You can also monitor your progress by tracking your logged training times, and see these graphically shown on the dashboard of the Mobile App.

If Value-for-Money is important to you MPG can offer you uncompromising quality at next to no cost. MPG provides an outcomes-based and scientific evidence-based approach to training prescription. As workouts are logged, the MPG system accumulates information to update the training program automatically. We are here to support you in getting the results you want, every step of the way along your fitness journey.


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