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COMING SOON!.....Make your Coaching business more professional and scientific


A coaching platform for running, cycling, swimming and triathlon training like no other

10 of the key benefits of using the MPG Coach Platform:

1) It will save you a lot of time - The cutting-edge automations remove the arduous tasks that take up a lot of time in endurance coaching.
2) It will save you money - Coach as many athletes as you like for $99 per month, and you control their account access.
3) Earn more from your coaching business. You will greatly improve your capacity to take on more clients.
4) You will be able to offer a more scientific approach and professionalize your coaching business.
5) You will greatly enhance your communication with your athletes and improve your quality of service.
6) You will know immediately if your athletes are improving, by how much, and where their strengths and weaknesses are.
7) If an athlete is not improving, you will know why.
8) Coach Swimmers, Cyclists, Runners, Duathletes and Triathletes with absolute confidence.
9) Athletes in your area will be referred to you, via our Coach listing.
10) You will have access to our resources, such as training videos and articles.

The MPG Coach platform is a performance based system. This means that your athlete's numbers will always be perfect for them. All you need to do is schedule a performance test into their training program when you feel the athlete needs an update to their numbers, usually every 3 to 6 weeks. MPG will give you insight into the athlete's physiological profile and their strengths and weaknesses, and you will have precision training parameters for each athlete, in every discipline.

You will be able to choose from an automated system where MPG creates the workouts for you, or a manual system where you create everything from scratch, with the Athlete Profile data at hand. On the automated system, you would still be able to edit, comment on or even replace MPG-generated workouts with workouts you have from your own library. You will also be able to edit training structure and training volumes for every athlete.

You will have all the key metrics for each athlete on hand: Consistency, average mileage, progression, performance. These are presented in chart form and you can see exactly what was prescribed and what was completed by the athlete. As the workouts are automatically logged in Strava, their program and charts are updated. You will be kept up to date with their progress continually.

Give your athletes expert feedback daily. If the athlete comments in their log, you will be able to see the comments and give feedback to each workout, every day, without having to email them separately. On the MPG Coaching Platform, you will be able to reply to 50+ workout comments, in detail, in less than an hour.

You can offer up to 3 different coaching options, at 3 different prices. Simply allocate an athlete to that option, and they will get billed automatically at the end of each month. Your invoices will have your designated payment details.


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