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Everything you need to know about MPG


Below we have some of the more frequently asked questions we get asked:

What is the difference between the 3 different Training Programs?

The performance program is for athletes of all abilities who want to get faster, and do races. The Health and Fitness is for people who do not want to race, but want a training program for their health and to lose weight, and still have a scientific approach with plenty of variation in the training. The WOD program is for people who want a balanced training routine to target all key areas of their fitness, with minimal time commitment.

How is MPG's Performance Program different to other Training Systems?

MPG is unique because of its accuracy and scientific approach to exercise prescription. Every athlete has unique strengths and weaknesses, and the multiple data points which we get from the performance tests and training history enables us to create very accurate Athlete Profiles. Athlete profiles are developed exclusively from the athlete's data. We create a unique Performance/Duration curve every time an athlete enters performance data, and the system chooses workouts and intensities which are optimal to keep the athlete improving.

In what ways can I control my training program?

You have full control! Choose from swimming cycling and running disciplines or any combination of these. These disciplines will be added to your program in ways that are complimentary to each other and you can switch these disciplines on and off as needed. You can choose how many days per week you train, per discipline. MPG will select the best workouts for the days you have chosen. You can choose the long workout duration for each discipline, and edit this when ever you need to.

What happens to my program when I add Races?

Your program will adapt to become race-specific in the build up to your key events. Workout types and interval duration will be geared specifically towards the demands of your event. Your program prepares you according to your strengths and weaknesses AND towards the upcoming race. Taper and recovery periods get included automatically. When the race is deleted, the program returns to how it was before.

Does the MPG Program adapt to my lifestyle?

Yes, MPG is highly versatile in that you can reschedule workouts or even delete them from your program, if life gets in the way. You can also adjust training distances for each discipline and switch disciplines on and off. This is useful if, for example, swimming pools are closed or if you want to change to a different sport.

I want more tailored coaching and regular feedback, is this offered?

Absolutely! Even though the MPG system itself does most of what a coach would do, some people need accountability, personal interaction and feedback. In fact, we recommended that you allow us to coach you for the months leading in to your important races. The personal interaction can make all the difference to the personal strategy and nuance that accompanies peak performance. We have over 20 years of high performance experience to offer you. Contact us to discuss coaching fees, which will vary according to your indiviual requirements.

What are the credentials of the people behind the MPG system?

MPG is made up of a team of passionate individuals each bringing their own unique area of strengths to the table. It was founded and conceptualised by Freddy Lampret, who is our Head Coach and personal support to the athletes. Click here to have a look at his full BIO.

If you have any questions, please feel free to get in touch with us.


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