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The Performance component of MPG is a fully adaptive training program for runners, swimmers, cyclists and triathletes. MPG takes real-life performance and training data and creates an optimized training program. This program constantly adapts and changes as the athlete adapts and changes. Add to that expert coach interaction, and you have the perfect training solution!

Every workout has precise targets and training zones. You never have to guess how hard or how much to do. We also give you optimal race-pace guidelines so that you never have to guess what your potential is. MPG has unparalleled precision of effort prescription and is entirely based on your training history and performance data. This is a sure way to conquer your goals and to destroy those personal records.

The MPG algorithms have been scientifically formulated through rigorous research and field testing on thousands of athletes, to ensure that each program is highly accurate and specific to each athlete. MPG provides an outcomes-based and scientific evidence-based approach to training prescription. As workouts are logged, the MPG system accumulates information to update the training program automatically. The performance tests are repeated on 3-6 week intervals. As you log the completed training, your coach will interact with you each day and make adjustments to your training program as they are needed.

Events and races can easily be added to the system. Your training program will update to prepare you optimally for key races. Your training program will therefore be geared perfectly towards the next race, giving you the optimal training structure and ensuring that you have the optimal key workouts. You will be confident and well prepared on race day, guaranteed. You can also get personal feedback, motivation and guidance, every day.


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