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The High Performance Program

You can DEFINITELY be much faster!


How's that generic training program you pulled off the internet going?

Thought so..... The truth is that all training works to some degree. But then??

You stagnate.

What worked for Bob in 1987 might work for you, but probably not for very long. Heck, what worked for you last year will no longer work for you now. It's called adaptation, meaning your body adapts. If your body has adapted, the only way to keep improving is to change things up and hit those areas which are weak, hiding in the shadows trying their best not to be discovered.

That is what we do best; we shed light on those dank, dark undiscovered physiological weak links and give you the tools to make this year better, stronger and faster than last year, and to keep that going for as long as you want.

Are you really as fast as you could be?

No? Then you are currently one of the 99% who never reach their potential. It doesn't have to be this way though..... You see, we have guided thousands of athletes of all levels towards joining the 1% who achieve their goals and excede their own expectations.

Training harder always makes you faster, right? Wrong!...... Your training is only as effective as your body's ability to adapt to the training! This is why MPG is at the cutting edge of endurance training; you could call us your own personal Sports Scientist, your Coach , your Personal Trainer, your Data Analyst and your shoulder to cry on, rolled into a 9,99 monthly subscription. You won't get a better high performance training program, and certainly not at that price!

We are in the business of being of service to runners, cyclists, swimmers and triathletes of all levels. If you want to improve, no matter what your level currently is, we promise to make you fitter stronger and faster......well, faster.

And Safer! Avoid injuries by bulletproofing yourself with our revolutionary Injury Prevention Blueprint. You will avoid injury and illness and avoid the frustration of being sidelined because your body keeps crumbling.

You are only as good as your last race. How did that go? Good? Well, it could have gone even better. When you have the tools to pace yourself, based on your own physiology, you uncover that extra 2-3% you have been missing out on. MPG race-pacing guidelines are second to none. No thumb-sucking here, just pure science using your own performance data. Shave minutes, or even hours off your time by pacing yourself perfectly.

Technology can be impersonal. That's why we have designed the MPG system to facilitate feedback and communication, so that our athletes always have the support and guidance they need, when they need it. Have you ever had an expert give you feedback on all your workouts, every day? Well, that is exactly what we offer! And we offer personal consultation as well, for that extra layer of acountability, to help fine-tune your season goals, or get that eating plan on track.

Here is a brief 1-minute overview of the MPG Performance App.

We also have a more in-depth video for those who are interested in more detail.

Or have a look at our Pilot Study we conducted recently.


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