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10 minutes to Health, Strength and Weightloss!


MPG has a Workout of the Day program. This program is for people who are time limited but nevertheless want to stay fit and healthy. In 10 minutes per day, you will stress your body in a controlled and progressive way. The WODS cycle through 4 general components: Leg Strength, Upper Body Strength, Trunk Stability and Fitness and use your own body weight as your primary source of resistance. As you log these WODS, they slowly become more challenging, and this ensures that you continue to get fitter and stronger. Combined with expert coach support, you have the perfect training solution!

Routine is effective! In the same way that brushing your teeth each day keeps cavities away, following the WOD program will ensure that your body stays in shape. The Workout of the Day is ideal for people who have limited time, yet see the benefit in committing a small amount of time each day to your health and well-being.

Every workout is time based and uses timers and music to indicate exercise and rest periods. Follow along to the video and simply join me as we complete the workout together! You never have to guess how hard or how much to do. You can also monitor your progress by tracking your logged training times, and see these graphically shown on the dashboard of the Mobile App.

If Value-for-Money is important to you MPG can offer you uncompromising quality at next to no cost. MPG provides an outcomes-based and scientific evidence-based approach to training prescription. As workouts are logged, the MPG system accumulates information to update the training program automatically. As you log the completed training, your coach can also interact with you each day and make adjustments to your training program as they are required. We are here to support you every step of the way along your fitness journey.


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