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Watch the Video to see how MPG works:

Why Use MPG

MPG is ideal for beginners through to professional athletes.

Coaches can easily give feedback to every workout, every day

Every workout is precise, based on YOU

Keep track of all your training and racing metrics

Program updates automatically when goal events are added or when a coach makes adjustments

Cost effective

From $19.95 per month


Workouts can be logged automatically by downloading to your device

Accurate race-pace guidance

How MPG Works

Using multiple data points, MPG will determine your individual strengths and weaknesses:

From this, your unique performance/duration curve is calculated.

Performance curve 1 shows an athlete with good speed, but poor fatigue resistance.

How MPG works - endurance training


Performance curve 2 shows an athlete with good fatigue resistance.

How MPG works - endurance training


This information is then used to construct your individual training parameters:

Endurance Training Cycle on MPG
Endurance Training Cycle on MPG


“MPG is intelligent and fine tuned training that takes the guess work out the equation. It has helped me in planning race strategy and by following the MPG program every goal time was achieved down to the last minute without any drama or unhappiness”

Andrew, Top Ironman age grouper
Went just over 10 hours in Ironman in his first year of triathlon

“For me Triathlon training, well any competitive training for that matter, is about the individual, their strengths and weaknesses, their goals and dreams. What MPG has done for me is bring in the human factor combined with the mathematics of numbers and performance. MPG has managed create a system that focusses on you as a human combined with the intelligence of science. Never have I ever, physically and mentally, felt stronger”

Nastassja Howard
Age group podium contender

“The scientific training is further backed up by individually assigned coaches. The coaches have the ability to dedicate more time to their athletes”

Mark Pellew
Has been ranked no 1 in the world in his age group.

“My journey with MPG has been amazing, lost 12kg, finished my first Ironman in 11h:38m and then qualified for 70.3 World Champs in Austria after finishing 6th overall at 70.3 SA. Every Month my times are getting better on each discipline when I do the tests and it seems there is no ceiling to my performance

Kim Heger
Age group podium contender

“MPG adapts weekly to what you have actually done, not on what you should have done”

Warren Foyn
Afriman Duathlon age group champion

“The personalization, structure and detail of each set allows me to get the maximum benefit from the time I have available to train”

Anthony Briggs
Consistently finishes in the top segment of his category

Our Algorithms

For every Triathlon training block generated for every athlete, MPG makes use of more than 100 separate mathematical calculations within more than 20 separate algorithms and draws on over 5000 workouts to piece together an individual’s training program.

There are no complete programs stored in the system, and there is nothing generic about any single component of the program. MPG algorithms are totally unique to MPG and pioneered from the ground up.

These are used with the athlete’s unique performance data from their performance tests and their training history logged on MPG to create a fully optimised training stress prescription.

Volume and intensity are precise for every athlete, for every single workout and the entire spectrum of the physiology is stressed in their optimal quantities (in accordance with the most recent scientific reviews).

People don’t, however, fall into nice little perfect boxes; life happens and things get messy. Not every life occurrence can be coded for. The personal touch of someone that is truly passionate about the sport and who cares about each athlete’s performance and their well-being is critical to the athlete being coached effectively.

MPG believes in providing the ultimate training program, with the very best service and support structure in place. That is what the MPG coaches provide.


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